The Cookie Armada

The Cookie Armada

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We present you: The Cookie Armada.

We will warmly welcome you if you join us. We are trying to expand our big family as much as we can so we have a wider range of experiences to share with each other, and more people to help form teams for skilling, bossing or playing minigames together.

We are a skilling, social, and bossing clan where everyone is welcome, since we have absolutely no requirements to join and very few restrictions in Clan Chat. Feel free to check our Clan Chat as a guest, we have a very friendly community with a deep sense of humour. We also have a Discord server if you prefer a voice based program to chat. (Discord invite code: XBGUYjZ)

We have a maxed tier 7 citadel with a dragon perch and avatars to aid with xp gain. We offer numerous events per week, ranging from skilling to minigames and bossing. World 44 is our homeworld!

We hope you feel at home in our clan!
Ask the owner, Also Aaron if you have any questions/concerns!
Cookies are love, cookies are life.

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FujiáFish FujiáFish Organiser
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