The Imperial Legion

The Imperial Legion

"We Rise from Ashes"

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Welcome to the Imperial Legions' Clan Page,

We believe that successful clans are comprised of strong, active relationships, where everyone is treated fairly, and is given the chance to help determine the clan's future.

Our community achieves this through the use of our ranking system, with members being rewarded for loyalty and active participation. None of the clans events or activities are mandatory, with events being determined and encouraged by the community itself.

Our clan has thrived over the past 7 years, and we welcome any new members to help shape our clans future. Please take the time to guest in our clan chat (The Imperial Legion) so you can get a feel for our community.

Summary of what we offer:
• An active, relaxed long-standing community
•  Fair ranking system
• Tier 7 Citadel with clan avatars
• Weekly PVM drop and skilling challenges

Clan's Recruitment Thread: 290-291-388-65879811

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