The Slayers Guild

The Slayers Guild

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Welcome to The Slayers Guild (TSG)! Founded in 2006, The Slayers Guild is the world's premier skilling clan dedicated to the skill of Slayer. All honest and friendly players are welcomed and encouraged to apply and join on either our RuneScape forum thread (288-289-226-65383159) or our Discord (

The Slayers Guild offers the following benefits, amongst several others:
-Tier 7 Citadel
-Active membership in game and on discord
-Slayer Level/XP based clan chat ranking system
-RS3 and Old school RS presence
-Large wealth of Slayer and skilling knowledge and how-to's
-And many more...!

If you're interested in joining TSG and becoming part of our community, apply on either our RS forum thread (288-289-226-65383159) or our off-site forums. (Minimum level 70 Slayer required.)

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