The Bloodshed Army

The Bloodshed Army

"We Shall Rise Once More"

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We strive for perfection.  We are a mature clan that does not like drama.  All we ask of our clan mates is that they do their citadel.  To rank up in this clan you must do your citadel and let the deputy owners or myself (The Owner) and we will up your rank.  Most of our members are lone wolfs and like to do their own thing.  We prefer to have fun and bull s**t from time to time, but we all do our citadels.

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BAMF_Criddle BAMF_Criddle Owner
CultureShock CultureShock Deputy Owner
[#BYFZWQE5S] [#BYFZWQE5S] Deputy Owner
Princ3ssMiku Princ3ssMiku Deputy Owner
WinteráSpark WinteráSpark Deputy Owner
Mannegishi Mannegishi Deputy Owner
BAMFCriddle5 BAMFCriddle5 Overseer
[#GQTA57XMT] [#GQTA57XMT] Overseer
[#R2WJF1QBD] [#R2WJF1QBD] Overseer
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Clan meeting 70 22-May-12 19:30
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