The Cynical Academy

The Cynical Academy

"Let's bomb Kalaphite King with a cappuccino; yaaayyy for coffe and biscuits!"

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Tired of that forced capping and set event times? Paying to play but feeling laboured? In that case,  you might want to join the next clan-ship marked "S.S. TheDoorIsthatWay" and start moving your luggage because The Cynical Academy could be for you!

"What can you offer me?" you may be asking  yourself! Well, as a given we can offer you a social experience you'll never forget, and we mean that! We might not mean it in a positive way, or a negative one, but it'll certainly be one experience to remember! Additionally you obtain the luxury to have a Pokemon lead you into battle when you decide it's time to roflstamp your keyboard into the Kalaphite King. As implied earlier we don't force you to cap, just to visit the citadel once a week just so we can steal your identify and IP address... wait what?

No but seriously, we're that laid back clan that doesn't care for a T7 citadel, but still loves Eric the Avatar and is mostly willing to go pewpew some boss 24/7. Never bossed? No Probs.

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