The Death Monkeighs

The Death Monkeighs

"Ook Ook! Join TDM for a fun and stable clan, no lvl requirements! Visit our CC!"

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TDM is a small community clan consisting of both mature and new Monkeighs, with an everlasting diversity of interests. We do activities within our members abilities, and our Administrators are consistently looking for Monkeighs to promote within our ranks. We also boast one of the best offsite forums in the clan world!

Please visit our QFC: 290-291-194-65135026 for more information.

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Top Clanmates

Moku Moku Owner
CloudsReveng CloudsReveng Deputy Owner
Spawn0fSatan Spawn0fSatan Deputy Owner
Jpg Jpg Coordinator
KilleráSeven KilleráSeven Coordinator
DJáPhox DJáPhox Organiser
Threex4 Threex4 Admin
1Ladybug 1Ladybug Admin
RefVengance RefVengance Admin
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
PvM - Boss 103 19-Nov-18 17:00
Forum Posts
Author Thread Title Date
JewisháKanye Welcome! 10-Feb-2015 20:10
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