The Elysian Legion

The Elysian Legion

"We can go the way the wind takes us; or, we can go the way we want."

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The Elysian Legion, a clan started from dust, to end up being the most heavenly army in Gielinor. We can go the way the wind goes; or, we can go the way we want. Our purpose is to show, that nothing can become something big in a manner of days, weeks, months, or years. No matter the time, a clan, such as this one, is destined to rise.

Our Clan Information:

¤ The Elysian Legion was created on April 20, 2014.
¤ The Elysian Legion is both F2P and P2P. Only high-leveled F2P is accepted.
¤ Our community events are what we are known for.
¤ We rule World 16.
¤ We consist of skillers, PvMers, and PvPers alike.

To join our Legion, you must be a member on RuneScape, or must be a very, high-leveled free-to-play player. You can join by joining our clan chat, which is "The Elysian Legion". To join us, you must have read our official thread which is located on our clan forums. We do look for mature people, and people who will help us out, along with having a strong character themselves.

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LEW15 LEW15 General
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Kynlara Kynlara Recruit
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