The Fremennik Empire

The Fremennik Empire

"Brothers In Arms, Back to Back"

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Long Live The Fremennik Empire!

Brothers in Arms, Back to Back   Defending ourselves and our fellow Empire friends and Members, Loyal and fun loving folk, forged in the fires that shaped our Swords and Axes to Temper us against all threats and ill willers!'

"We Are, " The Fremennik Empire!"         "Ruuulllleeeeesssss!

Come meet your new friend in the Empire and aspire to greater things with them and us as a Whole!!!!!

"Long Live The Fremennik Empire and its People!!!!"

R A K U R  The Protector and a host of Battle tested Ladies and Men!!!!!!!!!!!!
Join us we need and welcome you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gathering 88 13-May-18 19:00
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