The Insurrectionists

The Insurrectionists

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Catacomb is a new community of like minded players, established by IX Mummy XI in 2012. We are a relatively new clan, based on the EST timezone. We are not entirely PvP or combat based, as do a fair amount of skilling to balance everything out. This is best represented in our variety of daily events and our high tier Clan Citadel. The Combat based events we do perform however are PvM, as well as PvP, and we try to keep things as safe as possible.

We are currently accepting applications and war requests.

€ Clan World: 46
€ Emperor: IX Mummy XI
€ War Record: 1-0-0
€ Clan Chat: Catacomb
€ Timezone: Eastern Standard (-5 GMT)
€ Official Language: English

€This and its contents are copyright © 2012  Catacomb. The content of this may only be use by Catacomb current leader.

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