The Last Brigade

The Last Brigade

"We are pretty fun! Join us! For power, benefits and unity!"

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We are a beneficial clan whom provide/support/help to nurture each other for XP to level up skills, money, and power/strength in teamwork for participating miningames/events/activities if anyone "needs" help. :D Let's work together if anybody wants to make their progress better. We'll help you what we can, name anything. We formed our unique clan since 9/9/2017 because too many clans are more of a P2P than F2P and a pure F2P clan known as "Free Players" they only accept Pure F2P players whom never been a member which it's not fair. So all are welcome both F2P and P2P, no restrictions nor mandatories. We try to make our clan more a F2P than Pay 2 Play as we can but we respect our clan members and their rights anyway. Remember it is your responsibility to make our clan the way we intend to, we won't kick you out...unless you persistently disrespect our members of course.

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street punk2 street punk2 Owner
chunjuiwu chunjuiwu Overseer
Azrinn Azrinn Overseer
braminslayer braminslayer Overseer
grillisipsi grillisipsi Lieutenant
Samusana Samusana Lieutenant
PREIST 101 PREIST 101 Sergeant
Krek071 Krek071 Corporal
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