The Loyal Elite

The Loyal Elite

"Through loyalty we grow, through unity we prosper, through community we thrive."

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We, The Loyal Elite, strive to create and provide a respectful community for all to benefit from.  We are a community, a collective, a singular unit that derives its power from the individual members and their devotion to the clan and its cause.

The Loyal Elite is more than just a clan.  It is a family, a collective whole. We place a great deal of importance on the values of respect, loyalty, and community.  In The Loyal Elite, our members are more than just clan-mates.  We are comrades and friends.  We unite together with a purpose; to promote a stronger community, both within our clan and without.

Our clan presents equal opportunities to all whom reside within. Herein lies a safe and trusting community of friends whom wish only to see the growth and betterment of their comrades and their organization.

In this stressful day and age filled with hostility and uncertainty, we have a goal. It is our ambition to serve as a beacon of values, acceptance, and purpose; to be a community.

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StanáKomt StanáKomt Overseer
AFG_S812StP AFG_S812StP Overseer
Manzeln Manzeln Overseer
Flash Taima Flash Taima Overseer
Karlandon Karlandon Overseer
Lizard366 Lizard366 Overseer
joriole joriole Coordinator
GodáPernix GodáPernix Admin
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