The Soul Carnival

The Soul Carnival

"Care to join the Carnival of Souls?"

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We are a fun loving clan who are very active. There are no requirements to join and we are open to everyone. We cater for everyone from casual players looking for new friends to PKers looking for like minded players. We love to include you in our clan if you aren't already and if you're interested, one of us will probably be hanging around the clan camp or around Varrock on our home world, World 11. If you've got any questions feel free to contact adderskin, chouch4445, Darkaxe1342 or LOLcookie111.

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Adderskin Adderskin Owner
BradleyOldRS BradleyOldRS Deputy Owner
AFG_C4yhs7N AFG_C4yhs7N Deputy Owner
[#UCDQKD2Q5] [#UCDQKD2Q5] General
StáPhebos StáPhebos Lieutenant
v0t0n0 v0t0n0 Lieutenant
Postoronnii Postoronnii Sergeant
[#D7NF84VZN] [#D7NF84VZN] Sergeant
Section616 Section616 Corporal
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Type Description World Date/Time
Clan meeting 11 14-Dec-11 18:30
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