The UnnWanted

The UnnWanted

"Clan dedicated to p2p rated clan wars"

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Welcome to The UnnWanted we are a pvm and warring based cc we have a very large base of clan members that are active and we are very mature we do lots of pvm events and try to do wars every weekend we are currently working on citadel and only want loyal and helpful members no room for people that are lazy.

requirements to join!

160+ combat or 1500 total level.

we do pvm events such as corp,nex,gwd, and some dung. we recently started doing kk events once a week.

if you are interested in joining us feel free to message me in game. We do ask that you be mature and respectful in cc no room for immature people.

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Legenze Legenze Owner
xtrue6legend xtrue6legend Lieutenant
Táeádádái Táeádádái Corporal
Mitchellblu3 Mitchellblu3 Corporal
IPapaJean IPapaJean Corporal
Swish251 Swish251 Corporal
cheech zong cheech zong Recruit
[#00NQ1QOP9] [#00NQ1QOP9] Recruit
GreanáEagle GreanáEagle Recruit
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Type Description World Date/Time
Gathering 64 24-Aug-13 01:00
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