The Wild Cards

The Wild Cards

"Social Oddballs. Screw society we're the Wild Cards! Click on globe for info :)"

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Hello thanks for clicking on our homepage. So what's The Wild Cards? It's a metaphor term used for a person who doesn't have a defined set of characteristics and has a random set of talents/skills. This person is often very unpredictable. So we like our oddballs, the randomness and bizarre chats. So what is our clan about? Be here for everyone, helping, doing RS things together and more importantly talk about random crap.

Rules. Pretty simple I've a free range chat in the clan chat. If something upsets someone you stop same applies with cooling down. How you earn your rankings is if you help recruit if you're F2P member that's all you can do. Members can cap at the citadel. Just be yourself and enjoy!

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DreamSadHues DreamSadHues Owner
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MráWeiser MráWeiser Corporal
SciccsorHand SciccsorHand Recruit
DanyStrmborn DanyStrmborn Recruit
RamaRisaal RamaRisaal Recruit
28febrian666 28febrian666 Recruit
ramarisaal66 ramarisaal66 Recruit
tgmMordred tgmMordred Recruit
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