Tormentd Soulz

Tormentd Soulz

"Not even death can save you from Tormentd Soulz"

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We are an English speaking clan that was formed 5 years ago, as just a fun place for friends to hang out together playing runescape. Since that time we have prospered into a very organized and successful clan .
Our clan offers a fun environment that has organized events that are hosted by our members, we know this is a game, we enjoy the game and the people we meet, we also feel it is a place to relax and enjoy the game with mature, dedicated, friendly and respectful people who enjoy a clean cc, free from the flaming and trolling.
We strive to have fun at whatever it is we are doing.
We also have very active offsite.
If you are ready to settle into a clan that has very friendly,fun,helpful members. Ts is it!


Home World: 70
Back-up Homeworld: 79
Ls,Cs Chat: Event Leaders FC
Clan Based Time: Est
Founders: TS K*pacrat , TS Hellion

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JR4twenty JR4twenty Owner
TSáPODá2 TSáPODá2 Coordinator
freakyasian freakyasian General
iPrcLord iPrcLord General
Mi-yeon Mi-yeon General
Roflologist Roflologist General
[#UWVTQN81E] [#UWVTQN81E] General
WáGáWiwisat WáGáWiwisat General
jak3thesnake jak3thesnake Sergeant
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