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Tranquility Rules

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Tranquility Rules is a friendly and social based clan. We have a wide range of members from relative beginners (1000 total level minimum), to Maxed/Completionist veterans. We are constantly looking for new members to come and experience our welcoming and warm community! IF you're not quite 1000 total level yet, please GUEST in the meantime!

From the hard work of members past and present we can offer:
 - Tier 7 citadel with all upgrades completed (NO capping required!)
 - 3 Clan Avatars (homeworld w83)
 - A relaxed and friendly atmosphere of conversation and banter
 - Optional events  from bossing and minigames to dungeoneering and skilling
 - Advise on skilling, quests, tasks, comp/mqc requirements and more
 - Bad jokes.

Feel free to guest, check out the forums (290-291-586-65983060), or message Co-ordiator+ ranks for details.

We hope to talk to you soon! :)

Ranking Structure:
Recruit - General: based on clan XP and activity
Admin - Owner: specific role increasing with rank.

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Mbmadhouse Mbmadhouse Owner
Marcelavista Marcelavista Deputy Owner
xxbrionyxx xxbrionyxx Deputy Owner
FantaáOrange FantaáOrange Deputy Owner
Nebulosus Nebulosus Deputy Owner
Vikkifoggy Vikkifoggy Deputy Owner
Synergy Synergy Deputy Owner
ttllady380 ttllady380 Overseer
takeabreak1 takeabreak1 Overseer
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Nebulosus About Tranquility Rules 24-Jan-2018 16:25
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