Truly Unforgiving

Truly Unforgiving

"The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few or the One"

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Welcome to Truly Unforgiving,
Our Clan is one that aims to provide a friendly, stable and fun environment for all levels of players of Runescape.
M a r i s a.

Owners: Jolly Snakes, Aimeric, SheepNoSleep, Goin 4 A 99, drake  gil, kprklvilo,  Wise Grain, Uzzha, jods, Runekingmrc

Administrator: SheepNoSleep

We Are In The Top Clans In  Runescape Clan high scores.

We are a Citadel ACTIVE Clan.
Clan Creation Date 17 Aug 2011
Our Citadel level - Tier 5 (Upgrading to Tier 6)
Resource Cap - 2000
Avatar Habitat - Built, Medium, 2 Clan Avatars
Storehouse - Tier 5
Battlefield - Built
Woodcutting plot - Tier 4
Mining plot - Tier 4
Firemaking plot - Tier 5
Crafting plot - Tier 3
Cooking plot
Summoning plot - Tier 3
Smithing plot - Tier 5
Clan Theatre - Built
Clan Party room - Built
Grand Potted Plants - Built
Tiered fountain -Built
Sundial - Built
Tower hedges - Built
Statues - 3 Built
Customisations underway
This weeks Citadel time of day set to - Day time

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Top Clanmates

Marisa Marisa Owner
Goin4A99 Goin4A99 Deputy Owner
SheepNoSleep SheepNoSleep Deputy Owner
kprkivilo kprkivilo Deputy Owner
Rightin Rightin Deputy Owner
Aeons Aeons Deputy Owner
B05S B05S Deputy Owner
BluntSmack BluntSmack Overseer
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