United We Conquer

United We Conquer

"Together we stand , Together we fight but United We Conquer!!"

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Welcome to the clanpage of United We Conquer.

We are a friendly, funloving, social, easygoing clan that likes skilling, pvm, distractions and have fun while playing runescape.

Our clan is open to everyone,  if you are interested in our clan, feel free to guest and check us out.
However we do ask you to follow a few simple rules;
* Clan chat is English only.
* No advertising, botting,  recruiting, spamming, harassment, foul language, pvp.
* Trust trades are not allowed.
* Respect  all players in and out of the cc.
* Capping weekly at Citadel is greatly appreciated, if you can not cap for any reason we would like you to at least visit for visitorcount.
* We do not allow any form of drama between clan mates or guests, if you have an issue please take it to pm or use the ignorelist.
Any other issues should be directed to key ranks and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Last of all...Have fun

We also have an active discordchannel, feel free to ask to be added.

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Allyssaa Allyssaa Owner
SlayerSunset SlayerSunset Deputy Owner
LadyáFEG LadyáFEG Deputy Owner
MsStargazer MsStargazer Deputy Owner
Sw33ty Sw33ty Deputy Owner
Missá4átune Missá4átune Deputy Owner
Missy 242 Missy 242 Deputy Owner
Iron Sunset Iron Sunset Overseer
Donell Donell Overseer
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