"... and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had cake...."

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Unsanity boasts some of the funkiest dance moves on Runescape. The nuttiest fruitcakes. The sweetest Ice-cream sundaes. And lots and lots and lots of cake.

We love updates and try to help each other explore every aspect of our game.
We love PVM, Skillingscape, Fashionscape, Gearscape, cake, Maxing, Comping, Trimmingonedaymaybescape, cake, Petscape, Bossesesesscape, cake and having a giggle together.

We formed as a co-operative and have continued that ethos with our very simple ranking system. For more info join the CC or woogle doogle our Fansite

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Skilling - Competition 44 29-Jan-18 00:00
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