"Family, Duty, Honor."

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Welcome to House Tully, we are a new clan established on July, 15th 2017. We have a strong core of leaders and fellow clan members and are looking to expand.

We like to have our fun as a clan, our clan is primarily a social/community clan, but we also like to do events along side that. With emphasis on the social aspect, if it is your intention to join a clan and not ever speak, this is definitely not the clan for you. Although we do understand if you're busy dungeoneering or bossing.

• Be courteous and respectful to others,
• Be social in the clan chat,
• Be willing to attend events; as able,
• Be willing to attend meetings; as able.

Beginning is coming together,
Staying together is progress, and
Working together is success.

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Top Clanmates

Lord Mizaki Lord Mizaki Owner
Nina Taylor Nina Taylor Organiser
pablush pablush Admin
Scatternut Scatternut Admin
Melikkan Melikkan Lieutenant
Fighterdav4 Fighterdav4 Lieutenant
Javier Stark Javier Stark Sergeant
Sand Squire Sand Squire Corporal
widde22 widde22 Corporal
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Author Thread Title Date
Lord Mizaki Clan Committees 18-Aug-2017 08:38
Lord Mizaki Current Citadel Standing 13-Aug-2017 15:27
Robb Stark Rules & Expectations 07-Aug-2017 15:57
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