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Vox Nil

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We are a Relatively small community that focuses on helping players of all skill levels whether you're a Veteran returning to the game or a new player learning how to progress for the first time.

Our clan Primarily focuses on teaching new members how to Kill bosses, or
experienced Pvmers to be more efficient.

Most nights we go group bossing, and or Dungeoneering.

A Large portion of our members skill 24/7 and are more than willing to share their knowledge of Gainz.

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RobotsáFtw RobotsáFtw Owner
Sunseekr Sunseekr Coordinator
Vulpie Vulpie Coordinator
Mini Pop Mini Pop Coordinator
Verzai Verzai Coordinator
Lunaáseekr Lunaáseekr Organiser
Starseekr Starseekr Organiser
Seizes Seizes Admin
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Type Description World Date/Time
Activities - God Wars 98 22-Jan-17 23:30
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Author Thread Title Date
IPOPTARTSI About Vox Nil 30-Oct-2016 04:18
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