W92 PvB

W92 PvB

"w92's community for all"

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Welcome to W92 PvB

We are a friendly clan accepting anyone who gets along with the rest of the clan.
We run events of all sorts from bossing to skilling to fun pursuits such as hide and seek or treasure caskets.

We openly recruit so just pop into the clan chat and ask one of the higher ranks how to join and take some time to chat to everyone.

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WolfLink WolfLink Owner
Kristof128 Kristof128 Admin
Teaáheáheáhe Teaáheáheáhe General
[#X16TSDSY7] [#X16TSDSY7] General
GeorgeXIX GeorgeXIX General
GCEvilQueen GCEvilQueen Captain
shefie1 shefie1 Lieutenant
ClawYourFace ClawYourFace Lieutenant
Grantttt Grantttt Lieutenant
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