"A place you can call home, where you belong, and will always remember you."

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Welcome to Wanderers! We wander all around Runescape. Wanderers was made in August 10, 2013.

Anyone is free to join our clan however we do ask that you be respectful to the others in CC . You are more them welcome to visit our chat as a guest.

English is the primary language used in the CC.

QFC:  93-94-759-65370270

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Edwd9 Edwd9 Owner
trajanhunter trajanhunter Coordinator
ZeroáLeWeird ZeroáLeWeird Lieutenant
Aciduprisin Aciduprisin Corporal
IceáDemon229 IceáDemon229 Corporal
ZehnArantihr ZehnArantihr Corporal
whodat5o4 whodat5o4 Corporal
Valkanas Valkanas Recruit
Buttknuckle Buttknuckle Recruit
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TCáFre Wanderers (Clan Information) 07-Sep-2014 05:14
TCáFre Clan events 07-Sep-2014 04:04
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