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We are KNOCK OUT, one of the very few remaining RCW clans. We are a friendly and active clan that does Rated Clan wars very frequently. We have a very organized schedule in place for events to be held throughout the week, this schedule can be seen on the clan's forum's once you are an official clan mate. We are a combat oriented clan with specific requirements and will stop at nothing to defeat those who challenge us. If this description suits your liking, please do not hesitate to join us. Drop in our clan chat 'knock out' as a guest for an invite!

Current Requirements:
F2p - 90+ Combat Level
85+ Combat with 80+ Range OR 80+ Magic
Check out our Youtube channels: 'Knockoutrcw' and 'Velikoila' to view our great videos!

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[#J59F8H1PZ] [#J59F8H1PZ] Owner
RamboBrad RamboBrad Sergeant
[#N9YZI5WL5] [#N9YZI5WL5] Sergeant
Pikkukino Pikkukino Corporal
[#5V51HPXWK] [#5V51HPXWK] Corporal
LA5TáR35ORT LA5TáR35ORT Corporal
Stopscreemin Stopscreemin Corporal
Beshr33 Beshr33 Corporal
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Dungeon 98 03-Apr-12 22:00
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