"stuck between a rock and a hard place"

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Here at New Beginningss we're a layed back bunch of nutters, If you like cheesy jokes, a fun atmosphere, and to progress further whilst making friends on the way then come give us a guest or come join?

We're here to give you an enjoyable, unique clan to the rest, memories  to be cherished forever, We're looking for loyal, trustworthy, members who believe in our values.

Our clan has many benefits to offer as such;
Dungeoneering teams
Tier 3 Citadel, Mining & Woodcut plots, Soon to have fire making and bars.
Avatar usage
A citadel raffle weekly
Boss events, and being taught how to boss.
All 27 different skills knowledge and how to increase your level.

We also have a great promotion system for all levels, for the clan it's not so much about your Runescape account, we focus more on you, and your values, What effort you put in with us, it will not be unnoticed.

Thanks For Giving Us a read, This is us the New Beginningss family.

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anyssen anyssen Owner
KillerClownX KillerClownX Captain
Nemmiel Nemmiel Lieutenant
ObamasLaddie ObamasLaddie Lieutenant
Hi im Reny Hi im Reny Lieutenant
Snipeer Snipeer Sergeant
Redeeko Redeeko Corporal
bthirsty bthirsty Corporal
Ivlá3áLeg3nd Ivlá3áLeg3nd Corporal
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Gathering 24 04-Mar-17 01:00
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