Wild Things

Wild Things

"Friendly, helpful, teamwork, and camaraderie -- Join and have fun!"

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 The difference between good and great is putting in a little extra effort. Citadel is at  Tier 7 as of May 5 2013. Pro Skillers G.E. Bank-NE Location under the shady Spirit Tree! Our clan has evolved into a terrific group of really good friends.  We help all members with advice and just whatever is needed to make a positive helpful environment and to be leaders in the community.

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NanaáPatty NanaáPatty Deputy Owner
Lord_Gumby Lord_Gumby Deputy Owner
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Turnold Turnold Overseer
LordáMcLoser LordáMcLoser Overseer
MráMaxskill MráMaxskill Overseer
MrsáBunnykin MrsáBunnykin Overseer
Therominator Therominator Overseer
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VarianceX welcome home 18-Dec-2014 15:34
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