Windragon pride

Windragon pride

"Aim for your goals and you shall earn them!"

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Welcome and thank you for visiting Windragon Pride clan page.We are a mass clan that is growing everyday.We are also among the top 1000 clans in runescape.With over 100+ dedicated members we host events and such.For example Godwars trips,Skilling groups,Clanwars,Minigames,House parties,Hanging out,PVM,random events and pking teams.We have a variety of different players skillers to pvm people to pures to regular players.Most of our clan members live around the world and are highly active.Our clan is also based on the honour system we help our clanmates out and outsiders.If you are interested in joining our adventurous clan please try joining our clan leader " Windragon pk" Friends chat or just drop by our clan chat.Or feel free to PM any online clan members.EXP chart for rankingRecruit - Default , Corporal - 750k , Sergeant - 2m , Lieutenant -7.5m , Captain - 20m , General - 50m , Admin+= special veteran members(dw we all have a chance) 80+ combat or 1400 tlevel.Feel free to ask!@%

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HallowX HallowX Captain
darkátwister darkátwister Lieutenant
RSDracou RSDracou Lieutenant
Fathu Fathu Lieutenant
[#PEL5Q12VS] [#PEL5Q12VS] Lieutenant
Cors21 Cors21 Lieutenant
NamesáCaleb NamesáCaleb Lieutenant
meatáslapped meatáslapped Sergeant
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[#KM06MWCBI] OUR CLAN RULES 01-Jan-2012 02:52
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