Zamorakian Brigade

Zamorakian Brigade

"All bosses fear us because they know they've met their match and the loot is our"

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The clans main focus is pvm but we also skill and quest as well. We are a social group that is constantly doing group activities and hosting clan contests. All are welcome to join us those interested joining pm slipknotmike or will senpai

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Slipknotmike Slipknotmike Owner
RegretteáHex RegretteáHex General
GrimHannah GrimHannah Lieutenant
Diedogo Diedogo Corporal
JackáX161 JackáX161 Recruit
Akinos20 Akinos20 Recruit
[#FY5W3AEXL] [#FY5W3AEXL] Recruit
ExiledSquire ExiledSquire Recruit
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