Zarosian Wraiths

Zarosian Wraiths

"Zaros will be reborn; untill then, faithful we remain."

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We are a mostly community type clan, with optional events such as bossing and minigames. Nothing mandatory except capping at citadel. All levels welcome, as well as free players though high levels and membership are reccommended for the optional events.
Rule 1)

Do not disrespect any of the clan members.

Rule 2)

Do not harass, troll, or flame any of the members of the clan.

Rule 3)

Follow the rules of RuneScape.

Rule 4)

Do not abuse your powers recieved from your rank.

Rule 5)

Do not make the clan look bad by starting anything to provoke the arguments.

Rule 6)

Do not scam, lure, or gamble outside or inside of clan chat.
Rule 7)
Always cap at citadel when you can.


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Starkillr352 Starkillr352 Owner
RWáLegacy RWáLegacy Coordinator
Omnuslasher Omnuslasher Lieutenant
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[#42CMK6FE8] [#42CMK6FE8] Corporal
Speará1347 Speará1347 Corporal
[#6ILLFMHQ4] [#6ILLFMHQ4] Corporal
JSBP1996 JSBP1996 Corporal
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Clan meeting 147 22-Mar-13 21:00
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