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Born during the golden age of Soul Wars, Zealmania is a social clan that seeks out all types of players and are looking to expand. We are eager to help new or returning players rediscover their passion for this game.

 Home world W88 and a Tier 7 Citadel. Feel free to guest in our clan chat to find out more.

Requirements: 115 combat OR 1500 total level
Discord -

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BestáJoey BestáJoey Deputy Owner
FireáDeity FireáDeity Deputy Owner
AnimeTed AnimeTed Deputy Owner
Leeches Leeches Deputy Owner
HexáofáZaros HexáofáZaros Deputy Owner
Deceivon Deceivon Overseer
Tirade Tirade Overseer
Group Action Group Action Overseer
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L0NEáDRUID Zealmania Offical Threads 12-Aug-2018 14:57
AnimeTed Clan Discord link 25-Feb-2018 06:20
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