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Our focus is on skilling and monster-hunting. We welcome beginners as well as veterans. The most important thing is that we play this game for fun, and would like to keep these activities relaxed and fun for all participants.

See the information thread (public) in our forum for more!

Leaders: Antaeus and Larathiel, both in GMT+2
Home World: 99
Clan Chat: ZeitPhasm
Friend Chat: ZeitPhasm
(Both chats are open for guests)
P2P only
We DO NOT participate in any wars/ladders/lists

Frequent Events and Activities:
Monthly Clan challenges/ Skill Challenges
Stealing Creation
Fishing Trawler
Armadyl Godwars
Saradomin Godwars
Tormented Demons

Monster Hunter Requirements
1500+ Total Level
75+ Attack, Strength, Defence, & Constitution
70+ Ranged
70+ Magic
60+ Prayer
52+ Summoning
50+ Agility
50+ Slayer


Skiller Requirements
1600+ Total Level
30m+ Total EXP

It is possible to join as a 'Junior Member' if you do not meet the stat requirements.

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Zeitphasm Zeitphasm Owner
Larathiel Larathiel Deputy Owner
SiráNitram99 SiráNitram99 Captain
Benisawesome Benisawesome Corporal
Dualteeule Dualteeule Recruit
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