bacon is the answer

bacon is the answer

"Friendly clan - All are welcome - Come join!"

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We are a W23 community clan. It is run by LordFolderol with help from the rest of the clanmates. We spend a lot of time in Edgeville bank, so if you want to find us, that would be the best place to look! :)

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Syrome Syrome Owner
PixiePenguin PixiePenguin Overseer
Nicennes Nicennes Admin
[#70IPMGMQV] [#70IPMGMQV] Admin
[#513WS6P6U] [#513WS6P6U] General
[#RYF6E13DG] [#RYF6E13DG] Captain
Nasher1990 Nasher1990 Captain
Drakenloth Drakenloth Captain
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