cute kittys

cute kittys

"we r a clean clan we look for strong people we don't scam and we don't mess up"

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We are a friendly, social, enjoyable clan, we try to help out our own as much as possible when we can. We like to do skills together so we can keep eachother company so it will be less boring, we go boss killing and let eachother leech dungeoneering. if anyone wants to do some mini games we are open to suggestions, we do drop partys when everyone in clan caps at the citadel. if anyone in the clan recruits a clan member then i pay them 50k for each person they recruit, there arent any requirements and all levels are welcome to join, we dont force anyone to do anything they dont want to do and we are nice to everyone we meet. If you have any questions or concerns then you can pm one of the 4 owners, which would be me user= thedemon909 or you can pm Queetic, JagedPokedMe, Minoriteez or jalot5 and if by some reason none of us are online then you can join clan as a guest until one of us log on..... Happy Scaping and hope anyone reading this considers joining =)

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[#C6J8Z1T9X] [#C6J8Z1T9X] Owner
[#5MK6TWSD8] [#5MK6TWSD8] Overseer
Minoriteez Minoriteez Overseer
quala quala Overseer
KngáReborn KngáReborn Captain
Takutax Takutax Recruit
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DecimArbiter Clan recruiting 31-Jan-2013 22:02
DecimArbiter cute kittys free leech 31-Jan-2013 20:56
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