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We are a discord oriented clan full of members primarily in the mid twenties. We tend to be very casual and have a vast sense of humor. Ethernal is in no way an ordinary clan, ranks are just simply virtual as we prefer to act together as friends! We always love to help each other out! Feel free to message any of our members if you would like to join, as we have no requirements!

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tezi tezi Owner
ExSmallPlant ExSmallPlant Deputy Owner
BigDabbyWax BigDabbyWax Deputy Owner
Sperggy Sperggy Deputy Owner
Hectious Hectious Deputy Owner
AssTroll AssTroll Deputy Owner
Katerynka Katerynka Admin
[#OCYHKX6P7] [#OCYHKX6P7] Admin
NukeNoze23 NukeNoze23 Admin
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