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We  are here to relax an enjoy the game ....

Have a laugh an joke with each other
We are like family an will give each other hell you will soon learn who ....
Please remember if u don't like what u see an hear please talk to us ..

We are here to have a fun time.        An Thus ..
Many come on game to chill out and or even have a laugh in clan ...
So please remember .....
There will be times clan chat can go quiet but that can change at any moment
Respect an have some fun
However .. We do ask all to HELP IN THE CLAN CITADEL ..The boring part yes

NightFury Our Clan Dragon is roaming the citadel ready to eat so please feed

Yes  ... We all think differently we are not zombies ... Then again  some of us MIGHT be SO Look out for their Smile you may get hooked  

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