phoenix hideout

phoenix hideout

"may we rise from the ashes. Join the family today and rise above the rest."

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We are a social clan founded on 14th februari 2017 looking for friendly people who love to interact with other people and eventually, If you just won the lottery you might try your luck requesting an event we could organise as we are a bunch of lazy bums.

Further we strive for a peaceful and relaxing environment, so that everyone in our clan would feel at home. Furthermore we have a tier 7 citadel with consistent cappers to maintain it.

We are recruiting and are always open for suggestions and ways to improve our clan. Feel free to visit or join our clan!

Bodi is a bad guy.


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Palotte Palotte Owner
Bodi Bodi Deputy Owner
IáAMáHEGE IáAMáHEGE Deputy Owner
Galileogal Galileogal Overseer
PalotteXII PalotteXII Overseer
Kouprey Kouprey Overseer
LillyáPally LillyáPally Overseer
Hozzy Hozzy Overseer
LordáVctor LordáVctor Overseer
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Bodi Clan rankings 03-May-2021 18:57
Bodi Clan events 27-Feb-2018 19:09
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