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Team Stats

"A good clan for good times"

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Are you looking for someone to chat with while you play?  Perhaps something a little laid back?

Well we'd love to have you here at Team Stats.

Team Stats is a long run, albeit small clan that is always looking for more members to join the group.  We're a friendly group that likes to talk and give advice while skilling.

Recently, we've pushed to start building up a citadel to make this clan something more than a small clan, but still maintain that laid-back atmosphere.

To do this, we need to bring in more recruits.  Team Stats is a friendly bunch, and we like to hang out and play with other clans as well.  With some serious teamwork, we've managed to build our little citadel up to Tier 4 and are now working our way up to 5!

We love new people, especially those that want to help us build up the Citadel, and plan social events in game and out.  Join!

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Clan event - Clan Resource Gathering 97 16-Jun-14 00:00
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