The Phoenix Legions

The Phoenix Legions

"150+ Full member. Fun. Active. Warring. Events. Minigames, F2P, P2P! Join Today!"

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TPL is a large, friendship based community clan. We have over 6 years experience under our belt and a happy environment for all.

In The Phoenix Legions, we can guarantee you a friendly, relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.
We will guarantee everyone a voice, an individual voice. All that you're required to do, is speak up.

To The Phoenix Legions, you are not just a rank, another piece of manpower or another few levels closer to infinity.
You are you, an individual, and you shall be treated as and respected as such no matter who you are.
If you want to be part of a clan like this, part of something fun and enjoyable, then you are looking at the right thread!

If The Phoenix Legions sounds like the clan for you, join us today!

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[#NQKF08Y3L] [#NQKF08Y3L] Owner
fmichael fmichael Deputy Owner
Readtodd Readtodd Overseer
[#48JJCQ801] [#48JJCQ801] Overseer
Tuck815 Tuck815 Organiser
[#0VSO0X81S] [#0VSO0X81S] General
Isopro-pyl Isopro-pyl Lieutenant
its_rodders its_rodders Lieutenant
iEvilSlayer iEvilSlayer Sergeant
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Gathering 97 20-Aug-12 17:00
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Readtodd Alliance Applications 13-Apr-2011 04:19
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