titans house

titans house

"Your a fool unless you duel. New duelling clan."

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recruiting players with decent combat levels and skillers( we will promote players with 100-109 Lieutenant, 110-119 Captain and 120+ General, notify an admin in clan chat for promotions.)
We already have more than 75 players so im not going to pay you to join.
We do rated clan wars, pking, minigames, skilling, GWD boss hunting(for higher level players)and money making.
I said money making so no beggars, you ask for money I'll tell you how to make money.

Look on world 2 at the GE you'll find someone in the clan.

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pulgoso123 pulgoso123 Owner
[#STYP4VJGT] [#STYP4VJGT] Deputy Owner
[#5G8ZDM9AB] [#5G8ZDM9AB] Admin
BDZ_Bruno BDZ_Bruno Admin
TheLoneJedi TheLoneJedi General
Riverangel Riverangel Captain
Hlmn44 Hlmn44 Captain
Dobrokot Dobrokot Sergeant
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