Divine Bleeding

Divine Bleeding

"Kitty left. Clan is dead. Good luck in all future endeavors."

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Hi there, we are a great clan!!  we treat everyone in the clan like they are family.  We try to help with anything from quests, running out food to you if we can, item borrowing and all kinds of other things as well.  We have very simple rules.

1. No drama
2. Talk in the clan chat
3. Help others in the clan chat
4.  Help at citadel (atleast visit once a week, and try to do 300 resources)
5. No botting or scamming
6. No racial slurs or use of the C word

when you become a member of the clan, once you do citadel the first time, you earn your rank up to corporal.  After that the council votes at meetings to decide who is ranked up per following the rules.

The council consists of: Me the owner, co owners, overseers,Satan, and admin.
We also have a disciplinary committee you can make complaints to them directly, they are me, anvil jeff or cursed eels.

I hope you come and join us :)

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YaKittyMe YaKittyMe Chef
Cursed Eels Cursed Eels Vize-Chef
Jk4666 Jk4666 Aufseher
kitty4urfun kitty4urfun Aufseher
[#ZMM60KES1] [#ZMM60KES1] Aufseher
Mumbles pkp Mumbles pkp Admin
rossco rossco Admin
Wilcox13 Wilcox13 Admin
2geclipse 2geclipse Admin
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