High Templar knights

High Templar knights

"We are here to help. Have fun. And troll on haters. "

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Hey Everyone! Indigo here!! Welcome to a new and friendly clan looking to have fun! Make friends! and troll on enemies! We help F2P members learn their way through the ranks of Runescape and we also teach them how to efficiently make a decent living to afford bonds to play in members worlds!! If you have any questions you can join in on the clan guest chat and simply ask me or our clan leader, Arkvir!

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Sike416 Sike416 Aufseher
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Ja-Monkey Ja-Monkey Feldwebel
DiazoVitriol DiazoVitriol Unteroffizier
[#CNR1NGI4D] [#CNR1NGI4D] Rekrut
[#WKUTX89B7] [#WKUTX89B7] Rekrut
Aleczao Aleczao Rekrut
Jamazing Jamazing Rekrut
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Clan-Treffen 100 22-Sep-15 21:00
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