Iron Family

Iron Family

"Home, sweet home!"

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Welcome home!

We are a community-minded HCIM & ironman only clan, with a uniquely warm and supportive family-like environment.

We have no skill or cb level requirements, but we expect all of our members to respect each other and to contribute positively to the clan; individuals with trolling, toxic or rude behaviour are not welcome in the clan.

We offer:
- A community-minded clan with active Discord and friendly players.
- Experienced players to ask for advice and to PvM and have fun with anytime.
- Lots of skillers and questers, and weekly penguin tours and other D&D events.
- Weekly scheduled ironman PvM events with varying difficulties and requirements.

Feel free to visit our clan chat and get to know us, or check out our forum thread for more information: QFC 93-94-389-66195039

Hope to see you soon! :)

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