Oak Island Pirates

Oak Island Pirates

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Early in the year 1786, a young group of worthy adventurers, disaffected with political manoeuvring and eager to make names for themselves in world, left the comfort of home and the known in search of a cause to join. This small group, drawn from all ranks and callings, were driven by a common purpose, to protect innocents from harm and right the injustices of the world.

The intrepid adventurers set out early, after packing their meagre belongings and gathering what food and supplies they could manage to carry with them. The way was long and hard.  The weather turned cold and bleak. On and on, they searched for a mysterious person known only as Oak.

After a month of searching every town and village they passed through yet only hearing rumours and tales of Oak, the group was beginning to despair. Their supplies were beginning to run out, and it would be only a matter of time before they were forced to abandon the search or starve...

Are YOU ready to become part of OUR legend?

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I am Malazan I am Malazan Vize-Chef
Freakshow87 Freakshow87 Vize-Chef
IronFreak87 IronFreak87 Vize-Chef
Gamma Lead Gamma Lead Aufseher
Mr Rib Mr Rib Aufseher
Jeronii Jeronii Aufseher
Oak Ironman Oak Ironman Aufseher
Mikkel  0 Mikkel  0 Koordinator
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