"Citadel, Events, Skilling. 1700+ total level to join. Guests are welcome!"

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Soulfire is a relaxed, fun, friendly community and social clan.  We enjoy a tier 7 citadel and focus on skilling and occasional events.  We love to combine gathering resources with having fun and socialising with all our members.

We only have one requirement to join: 1700+ total level.

You can apply on our RS Forum thread - Quick find code: 288-289-287-65356381 - or you can join our friendly chat as a guest (Soulfire) and ask a member of staff for assistance.

We hope to see you soon :D

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Simac Simac Chef
Flamey Flamey Vize-Chef
Rocque Chick Rocque Chick Vize-Chef
Angiie Angiie Vize-Chef
Belnok Belnok Aufseher
SF Rocque SF Rocque Koordinator
Maxireactie Maxireactie Koordinator
Troll-sama Troll-sama Koordinator
Yerkalu Yerkalu Koordinator
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Art Beschreibung Welt Datum / Zeit
Autor Themen-Titel Datum
Zanthros Soulfire 10-Jul-2020 15:40
Milk xD Soulfire's CC Ranks 29-Apr-2020 05:10
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