The Reborn Phoenix

The Reborn Phoenix

"Hope Rises Like a Phoenix From The Ashes Of Shattered Dreams "

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The citadel is a weekly requirement for all members of the reborn phoenix. If you do not cap one week you shall be given a warning, and if you do not cap for the second week you will be kicked from the clan. the citadel is a great way to raise skills and you can gain rewards for doing it. it is both beneficial to yourself and everyone else. The citadel grows we will gain more skill plots to raise other skills.

Admin and higher can ONLY recruit!
Admins are required to show new members around the citadel explain what needs to be done where/when and when by also explain the probationary period and to explain where to claim rewards for capping.

Clan Ranking

Clan ranks are gained by capping at the citadel and XP earned while you have joined the clan.

Clan Chat

In clan chat you are to be polite and respectful and social.

Clan Ranking System
Corporal 500k XP

Sergeant 1m XP

Lieutenant 2m XP

Captain 3m XP

General 5m XP

Admin 10m XP

All RANK UPS require consistency ca

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Clan-Event 23 02-Apr-14 22:00
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