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Welcome to Unomium!

Our vision is simple; we are challenging ourselves to give our members a sense of purpose in the game. Whether you're a low level with simple goals or on a mission to take on some of the game's toughest bosses, we have what you need.

Our doors are always open to new members. We have an extremely vibrant community that can support you through hosted team events, group bossing events, and in-game social events such as drop parties, raffles, and more!

We strive to maintain a tight-knit community feel to our clan instead of looking to recruit as many player as we can. There are  no mandatory events within the clan, however, great perks come with participating in clan events. All of our staffing members wield a great amount of experience, promising you the best methods of leveling, skilling, and money-making.

Our ranking structure is fair, allowing swift progression through clans ranks. We hope to see you soon!

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M0nki M0nki Chef
MrJiggles21 MrJiggles21 Hauptmann
Greg8230 Greg8230 Leutnant
jt8190 jt8190 Feldwebel
jerseyman95 jerseyman95 Feldwebel
Palpatinee Palpatinee Unteroffizier
MrJiggles18 MrJiggles18 Unteroffizier
Sheipy Sheipy Unteroffizier
K A D E N K A D E N Unteroffizier
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