1 Unit

1 Unit

"1 unit a clan and a friendship"

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1 Unit is a Social clan full of people who PvM, PvP, and skill.  1 Unit can give you a place to hangout and talk to clan-mates who you can talk to and get help from!  There are no requirements to join 1 Unit, except to be a mature player and to follow our 10 Rules!
Fun Clan Events, Skill Competitions, Clan Wars, and  Boss Hunting can all be found in our Clan.  We treat all members with Respect and most of all, each member should have fun and get the most out of being in 1 Unit.  Happy Scaping!!!
-WhatTheBuck (Clan Owner)

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Purely Peity Purely Peity Propietario
Jamer Jamer Supervisor
blanksp_ce blanksp_ce Coordinador
TokinT A N K TokinT A N K Administrador
[#9386VH9BZ] [#9386VH9BZ] Capitán
[#3UW6TPH5R] [#3UW6TPH5R] Capitán
[#0J2IG8PRG] [#0J2IG8PRG] Teniente
Eat My Dbowz Eat My Dbowz Teniente
thekingkane1 thekingkane1 Teniente
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Tipo Descripción Mundo Fecha/hora
Evento de clan - Recolección de recursos de clan 182 14-12-12 19:30
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Autor Título del hilo Fecha
Nsx Alt 1 Unit - Introduction 08-dic-2012 00:43
Nsx Alt 1 Unit - Clan Rules 05-dic-2012 22:25
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