"Help conquer 157! Co-Owners Swarlose and BarnyStinson"

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We are a community based clan out of world 157.  We are all devoted to training skills and organizing activities to do as a clan. Your suggestions will always be heard and we will try to organize clan events based on them.

Our clan is based out of the 905, as many of our members reside there too, however all Canadians or 157ers are welcome!

We love Tim Hortons, and How I Met Your Mother, but more importantly we love the clan

For every 100 players we have BarnyStinson and Swarlose will roll a die and whatever number it lays on (we will go on the clan ranking order) that person will receive one million gp!

We will keep everyone posted on activities and events we have planned.

Have fun!

co-owners: Swarlose, Barny Stinson

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Swarlose Swarlose Propietario
BarnyStinson BarnyStinson Propietario adjunto
Sir Crosby87 Sir Crosby87 General
Smoky468 Smoky468 Sargento
Alistor Alistor Cabo
iTrip iTrip Cabo
[#5B2AWUY6K] [#5B2AWUY6K] Recluta
[#AKKL27LYG] [#AKKL27LYG] Recluta
[#58AF86ERW] [#58AF86ERW] Recluta
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Fiesta 157 26-04-11 19:00
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