Animal Control

Animal Control

"Ac on top, aka The New World order coming for your freedom."

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Welcome to the Animal Control Clan Page!

We are the Number One clan for all White Portal associated events.
We strive to be the best and have shown to be since 2013.

Needless to say we are a clan based around PVP Combat and NSing.
We also do group bossing.
We are well known and have Friends and Fam all over Runescape.
We maintain a Mature outlook that retains complete Respect for one another.
Loyalty is of course, above all and we are a team till the end.

We are an Adult/Mature clan so no kids allowed,  as our talking can become somewhat below the belt at times, But its all for good fun which we all respect.

Interested? Private Message anyone of us within the game or join as guest.

So From all of us at Animal Control, have a great day and enjoy your Runescape experience!

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Hoses Hoses Propietario
Lazaro Lazaro Supervisor
skillzmc3 skillzmc3 Coordinador
FancyUKarma FancyUKarma Coordinador
maartje maartje Coordinador
xSouls xSouls Coordinador
Sassysharon2 Sassysharon2 Coordinador
Sassysharon1 Sassysharon1 Coordinador
PvM KidFlame PvM KidFlame Organizador
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JvJ 2 31-12-25 00:00
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