Buy In

Buy In

"Certainly! Send me a trade offer."

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Buy in is a legitimate Gambling clan situated at S.W Grand Exchange.

The ranking system currently works like this:

You may purchase a rank at the following prices:

General - 500M
Captain - 150M
Lieutenant - 75M
3 Banana - 45M
2 Banana - 30M
1 Banana - 15M

*prices will fluctuate as clan grows

We have our own YouTube page, Check it out at /buyinflowers.

We livestream often! Be sure to follow us on twitch at twitch***/buyinclan

Never miss a drop party! Be sure you are in "Buy In" fc at all times!

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qweefanator qweefanator Propietario
Occhopperfan Occhopperfan Supervisor
Jeff Wick Jeff Wick General
toungemybung toungemybung Capitán
Plox Party Plox Party Capitán
Sanzipants Sanzipants Sargento
[#2T68SWDYQ] [#2T68SWDYQ] Sargento
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